About us

About Stapleford Alliance

Who are we?


In January of 2015 a group of people came together with the idea of forming the Alliance, all with different backgrounds, both political and everyday.

And thus the name of the group was chosen to reflected this.


Stapleford Alliance was formed for the people of Stapleford, as at it's heart we believe that a parish council should not be a place for ‘mainstream politics.’


And the public of Stapleford should be able to contact their councillors for help or information about concerns they may have.


We dearly want to see the town flourish and prosper as it once did.

So with your help we know we can make a difference, over the next four years we will be promoting events with the idea of showcase a location from around Stapleford.


We want to make people feel that they are part of a community of Stapleford, not just forgotten once an election is over.


We are always welcoming new members to join, or if you have an idea or concern please feel free to contact us.


Many thanks


Stapleford Alliance.